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NIGA – A Time for Reflection

As always it was good to see old acquaintances and make new ones at the NIGA Trade show last week in San Diego. Congratulations to Chairman Stevens and his staff for another well-organized event.

It doesn't seem possible; the IGRA was passed almost 25 years ago – and what a journey it has been. SMP started in Indian Gaming in 1995 when many casinos were temporary and many state compacts were still in an "up in the air" state. Look at the progress - from coin slots in the games to a world lead by dynamic, seemingly almost daily technical advances.

SMP, in turn, has evolved. We have developed one of the most powerful strategic analytics and reporting systems serving the gaming and hospitality industry, and we are poising our clients for that eventual day of Internet gaming with our web-based Kaleidoscope product, in addition to our full-service capabilities in creative concept, media and related agency services.

I invite you to visit the Kaleidoscope site at and see for yourself what power lies in this portal. It touches nearly every aspect of your resort/casino from hosting to player-generated psychographic and demographic media information to providing relevant and up-to-the-minute information to your players. It is a space where your players can talk to you, in turn, can open a personal dialogue with them creating an ongoing relationship beyond conventional means of mass media.

We look forward to a great gaming year and seeing you all again next year in our town – Phoenix.

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