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Enjoy a Personal Demo of Kaleidoscope at NIGA 2018

SMP Communications Corp. will be setting up personal demos of Kaleidoscope at the upcoming NIGA convention in Las Vegas. Kaleidoscope has been embraced with open arms by the casino industry and has continued to contract with properties both large and small.

Kaleidoscope provides operators with the most relevant, player-generated information available to the industry. Media buyers, entertainment planners, analysts, direct marketing strategists, and marketing and operations execs are using Kaleidoscope to shape sharper strategies than ever thought attainable. Beyond the face value of real player preferences, tied to their player value, Kaleidoscope actually generates revenue through the "Offer Expiration" feature – at an extremely favorable ROI.

Kaleidoscope is the only web-based platform where your casino communicates personally with its players. We bring new meaning to the "relationship" part of Customer Relationship Management.

Please contact Jeff Gorovitz (480-216-6489) to arrange a time to talk about Kaleidoscope that best fits your schedule.

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