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We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the gaming industry. Our advertising agency was originally created solely to service Indian Gaming. When you work with SMP Communications you will work with people who come from the advertising agency world, as well as people who were once in casino operations. Our staff understands the pace – the quick turnaround times, the limited time you might have to devote to us. We make every effort to get it right the first time and to accommodate your schedule first and foremost.

Over nearly twenty years and dozens of casinos we have had the pleasure of working with many extremely sharp marketers and operators. Between that experience, staying current with our own advertising and marketing industry, and conducting on going casino research, we bring you true ROI based strategic planning. We are one of the few, if not the only, gaming advertising agency with its own in-house analytics team, database administrators and web developers. That is in addition to our media department, HDTV and web production facility, creative services department and strategic planning services. We want to help you where you feel you need it. You can choose our full advertising and marketing service, or choose from the many services we provide, in an a la carte fashion.

We provide you with information, research and recommendations to help you make business decisions that truly create positive impact on revenue at optimal return on investment rates.

Strategic Planning

The SMP strategic planning process is intrinsic to the development of a results-based system that demands accountability and is vital to determining and achieving specific return on investment. Our strategy approach is indispensable to our process. It is the carotid artery of our existence, the thing that makes us different.

Our state-of-the art analysis is tied directly to player value, and covers demographics, lifestyle segmentations, and psychographic studies. The process helps determine where your customers are, what they like to do, and when they like to do it. We look for the key factors that motivate your particular customers. Armed with this knowledge, we can help grow the existing customer base, creating loyalty and incremental revenue while developing executions to appeal to potential customers that share those same attributes and values.


Before anything is created, we do research; making sure the messaging resonates with your consumer. During the campaign we monitor, measure, and sometimes make course corrections to ensure your marketing dollars are being used effectively. After the campaign, we analyze and measure again.

Many firms do not like to go through this process due to the fact it may prove their findings and work faulty; but here, we thrive on it. And more often than not, our research before, during and after, is the key to success – which we gladly will share with you.

Database Consulting

Partner with us and you'll have the leading-edge database technology at your fingertips to help you communicate to your current customers and find new ones.

From data analytics and segmentation to list procurement and management. From data warehousing to de-duping and scrubbing to help you maintain an updated and accurate list, all with a solitary purpose: to help you increase market share and revenue. At the back end of the process, we provide you full custom reports, calculations, and mapping. This enables us to provide actionable marketing strategies and ultimately determine the ROI of your direct marketing efforts.

Our proven, highly skilled and dedicated team has taken database management from a science to an art form. And quite frankly, they are the best in the business.


SMP has taken media planning and placement into an entirely new space – one that is directly tied to performance for every client. We do not work under the anachronistic and traditional commission-based compensation scenario.

We plan and place media on a fee-based system, based on the resources required to do the job. We can think of no fairer way to accomplish our mutual goals in delivering our marketing messages.

This approach is only one part of a logical whole – the careful strategic planning and research, the testing of ideas and demographic motivations and tendencies – all these disciplines play a vital role in the SMP media mindset.

Our media planners and buyers have been trained to seek out the most precise and cost-effective spaces for our clients' messages. At SMP, we like to say that we are "media agnostic" when it comes to thinking and planning our media buys and strategies.

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